Saturday, April 16, 2011

what is town planning???

What is town (and country) planning?
Town and country planning is the process of making decisions on the development and use
of land. It is a tool for guiding and facilitating development and regeneration in a way that also
preserves the best features of our environment.

What does the Town Planning Division do?The Council’s Town Planning Division deals with matters relating to planning and building control in the County Borough, including the development plan, planning applications, enforcement, listed buildings, conservation areas, tree preservation orders, ecology/ landscapes, Building
Regulations, dangerous structures and demolitions. (N.B. this Council does not deal with planning in the area of the County Borough within the Brecon Beacons National Park, but does deal with building control matters in that area).

What is the difference between planning and
the Building Regulations?
Planning deals with the land-use related merits of development and only these can be
considered when making planning decisions. The Building Regulations control the physical construction of buildings through setting the minimum building standards required. It is very important to understand that a Building Regulations application is DISTINCTLY SEPARATE from a planning application and that BOTH types of consent may be needed to carryout development.

When is a planning application required?
A planning application must be made to theCouncil when a development requires planning permission. All development requires planning permission, except where the Welsh Assembly
Government issues an order stating it does not, or the development is exceptionally minor. If you are intending to develop any land, you should seek advice from the Council about the
requirement for planning permission. Is it just buildings which require planning
No- development encompasses a range of
activities, including erecting and altering
buildings and structures, putting up
advertisements and signs, surfacing, demolition
and changes of use (regardless of whether any
physical alterations are required).
What is a development plan?
A development plan sets out allocations for
various land uses and includes criteria based
policies for development. The Council is legally
obliged to make planning decisions in
accordance with the adopted development plan
unless there is a good reason not to. The current
adopted development plan for the County
Borough comprises the Mid Glamorgan (Merthyr
Tydfil County Borough) Replacement Structure
Plan and the Merthyr Tydfil Borough Local Plan.
How is a decision made on a planning
Decisions are made on planning applications
either by the Council’s Planning and Regulatory
Committee or its planning officers under
delegated powers. Applications may be
approved (often with conditions) or refused. The
content of the development plan is the primary
consideration in deciding planning applications.
However, other important considerations could
be national planning guidance, compatibility of
the use to the area, highway safety, impact on
neighbour amenity, design and the impact on

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